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About Rêve

Rêve Interior Design Studio starts with function followed with a splash of form. It is about efficiency, informed decision making, and experienced design with quality and precision always at heart. It’s about giving you the tools, expertise, and materials to make good and confident decisions the first time. We are a team that complements each other with balancing qualities and expertise.

Jamie Schaack and John DeCarli bring a combined 30 years of experience in the renovation industry which inherently brings established supplier and manufacturer contacts, industry immersion, and professionalism, not only backed by declared standards, but also by tradition.

Our Sales Manager/Flooring Specialist, Shane Blanchard has over 25 years of flooring sales and installation experience. Our lead flooring and tile installer, Jon Hunter has been completing installations for over 22 years and is a true master when dealing with site specific variables and warranty standards and specifications.

Experienced professionals, providing sound advice, with efficient processes and tools, in a relaxed forward-thinking environment: Rêve Interior Design Studio.

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